10 Wanted Items for Your 2018 Wardrobe

HM Female Sweatshirt 2018 Wardrobe Tall Fashion

HM Female Sweatshirt 2018 Wardrobe Tall FashionTalltique Jeans and heels 2018 Wardrobe Tall FashionHM Female Sweatshirt 2018 Wardrobe Tall Fashion

Talltique denim Tall Fashion

Leopard Clutch 2018 Wardrobe Tall Fashion

HM Female Sweatshirt 2018 Wardrobe Tall Fashion

The Outfit
Sweatshirt: HM
Jeans: Talltique (on sale for $34)
Heels: Coach


Welcome to 2018!I hope you had a safe and fun filled yearly kick off. I’ve chosen this year to be my season to ” Glow-up”. If you are not quite familiar with the term, it simply means to work on chosen areas of your life you want to improve on. For example; Skin or Hair care, Style, Mentality or Spirituality etc. While I am hoping to share more in my lifestyle area this year, I will be looking for some pieces for the wardrobe that all women need to transition into their grown woman statue. This is where my wish list comes into play. These are  lifetime items I believe every grown woman should have to stay fierce with every age. Through out the year I plan to find each of them, especially ones that actually fit a woman with taller body frame. 

  1. A neutral Luxury Statement Bag

  2. A poppin Moto Jacket 

  3. A pair of Bold Heels

  4. A pair of  Bad-ass boots

  5. A Power Suit

  6. Something Vegan Made or Recycled (green footprint points)

  7. An Oversized Denim Jacket

  8. A chic Belt Bag

  9. A pair of Wide Leg pants

  10. The perfect pair of jeans

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Akia Danielle

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    January 3, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    Thank you once again for who would have thought of look great !!!

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    January 10, 2018 at 11:31 am

    I’m always happy to see your posts not only do you give beautiful pictures of well put together out fits you also give good information as to where to find great values.
    Thank you and looking forward to next post!!!

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