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5 Long Tall Sally Sleepwear Pants Under $50

Long Tall Sally Sleepwear Animal Print Pajama pants

Long Tall Sally Animal Print PJ Pants Tall Sleepwear



Hey! What’s the one thing every 30+ year old can’t wait to do? If you said sleep or relax, you are correct! Please pass “Go” and collect $200. Okay maybe not…. cause I can’t help you with that. But anyway, sleeping seems to be one of my favorite things to do now that I am juggling work, kids, and a blog. The only problem is not knowing when to actually do that. The only 2 problems I have is not knowing when to actually go to sleep and finding something long and comfortable to sleep in. I mean a pair of shorts and tee shirt can be absolutely fine. But I sometimes I actually want a set that is cozy and cute. 

Even though I can find certain sleepwear pieces at my favorite retailers, pants are still a problem. So I collaborated with Long Tall Sally to try out a pair of grown woman pajama pants. That’s where these Animal Print cuties come into play. I love how long and soft they are. They make me want to spend my entire day in them. Plus with them being on sale for $35 right now, it’s no wonder they are selling fast. Don’t worry while I was skimming through the sleepwear selections and I found these 5 pieces that just may make you want to stay in bed all day.


  1. Kingston Checker Pants

  2. Paisley PJ Pants

  3. Chelsea Checker Pants

  4. Bexley Wide Leg Pants

  5. Spot PJ Pants


I hope you have a great weekend!


Akia Danielle

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