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Who is The East on the West?

I am Akia Danielle. Just a tall stylish doll born and raised on the East coast now living on the West with my husband , 2 kids, and a dog. I have always been into fashion even before I realized it but faced the challengesΒ of finding the pieces I wanted that would fit my height (6ft). Learning to work with the retailers I do like and finding new ones along the way (that are tall friendly) I have been pretty successful in the style department. Since I love to keep up with what’s new in fashion and don’t mind shopping at all, this blog is about helping moms and other tall women know what’s out there in the fashion world and maintaining an affordableΒ styleΒ . But of course everyone is welcomed to find some inspiration

Through my personal Β journey I hope to inspire others to stand tall and confident in style and life.

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