Denim and Pearls

Denim Pearl Tall Fashion blog

Denim Pearl Tall Fashion blog

Back in my teenage years I wouldn’t be caught dead in girly pieces. If you gave me a string of pearls I would give you the stink face. A lot has changed since then. Of course my normal looks don’t incorporate anything that shouts out girly girl. I am more of a simple chick who likes to feel comfortable but fashionable to my onlookers. Shying away from anything girly girl is no longer a problem since I know how to select the right pieces. That’s how this button up boxy top came about leaving TJ Maxx for $8. The pearl embellished collar caught my attention but not in a loud “look at preppy me” type of way. More like I can be toned down girly girl. Paired up with a little denim on denim I felt right on point.


Tall Style Motivation: Even the smallest amount of detail can make a difference in an outfit.

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The Outfit

Top: DizzyLizzy (Alternative, Alternative)

Jeans: Old Navy

Jacket: Levis@ Tattered

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Akia Danielle

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