My Dream White Jeans From TallGirls

Old Navy Tank Tallgirls Jeans Tall Fashion

Old Navy Tank Tallgirls Dream Jeans tTall Fashion Spring and Summer wardrobes consist on having a pair of white jeans to build a couple of classic looks. I had been planning on getting a pair for a while. But you know the usual troubles with finding a great pair of jeans can make you a little anxious, especially with length. I finally ended up with  a pair of the TallGirls’ Dream Skinny jeans in White. I love how they fit my legs. They have just the right amount of stretch for my athletic built legs.  Honestly, these are THE jeans that I want in all washes.

As I am slowly building my grown woman wardrobe, I am realizing that from time to time I have to put in a few more coins in order to get the quality I need. Sure I have fun finding pieces that fit for “the moment’ but what about those pieces that take you a long way? I was always the one to shy away from spending more than $50 on a pair of jeans. I didn’t see any point. Especially, if girls were getting pairs for $20. Jealous? Heck yeah! I wanted those too, but with the extra length. I see now after blogging for this past year the only way we can get what we need at a great price is investing in those retailers like Tallgirls to make things happen. Dropping a extra buck doesn’t hurt if it means quality over quantity.

Old Navy Tank Tall Blogger detailsTallgirls White Jeans Tall FashionBallgirls Dream Jeans Tall FashionTallgirls White Dream Jeans Tall Fashion blogTallgirls Dream jeans tall blogOld Navy Orange Tank Tall Blogger StyleCross body handbag accessories details tall blogger styleTallgirls jeans tall fashion blogger lookimg class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-3671″ src=”” alt=”Old Navy Tank Tallgirls Jeans Tall Fashion” width=”667″ height=”1000″ />

The Outfit
Top: Old Navy (Alternative, Alternative, Alternative)
Jeans: Tallgirls



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    May 16, 2017 at 8:20 am

    Your wonderful and beautiful! White looks wonderful on you feelow tall lady

  • Reply
    May 16, 2017 at 11:10 am

    Alright, you look great as always !!!
    Owning them jeans

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