How To Effortlessly Style Gingham

Gingham Off Shoulder top Black Pants look

Gingham Off Shoulder Top Black Pants Outfit

So, part of my style journey is evaluating what’s popular and what makes me look great as a typical mom. Okay maybe not typical, but I am as average as any other women just taller. I have been picking up vibes on this whole Gingham trend that made me style curious. I guess just finding the right piece to match your style can give you that push to try something new.

Quite frankly the print is classy in any color. Making it easy to pull that I got it together look very easily.  Even though I jumped on the band wagon last minute, I am pretty pleased with this OTS top I found at TJ Maxx for only $10. My best styling tip would be to let Gingham be the centerpiece of your look. Everything else should be it’s support in a solid.


Tall Shopping Motivation: Sometimes waiting the last minute can save you tremendous bank if you are really feeling something.

Gingham Off Shoulder top Black Pants lookGingham Off the Shoulder Black Pants outfitGingham Off Shoulder top with Black pantsGingham Top Black Pants Tall Blogger StyleGingham Top Black Pants Tall Fashion

The Outift

Top: Mikey & Joey

Pants: Dolce & Gabanna (Alternative, Alternative)

Heels: Coach (Alternative, Alternative)


*On a personal note, I have been dealing with a family matter that has my mind boggled. So I will be taking a week off to get things back in order. This is the perfect time to catch up on some posts you may have missed. I appreciate everyone of you for supporting me. Until then stand tall with confidence and let your style do the talking. 


Akia Danielle

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