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Fall Into These Tall Retailers

Hey! Its Friday and I have some good news for you. And what’s better than good news right before the weekend? Nada in my book. It’s been a while since I posted about retailers that favor my fancy because they actually carry tall pieces. Slowly but surely I am being introduced to new and quietly existing retailers that have been stirring up some magic for tall women. No worries for my below 6 ft readers, you may even find some pieces you love too. I scanned through and checked out each retailer to find pieces that made me say, Yass! Also I had to get a bit of information that you may be curious about like shipping, sizes, and pricing.

So let’s get to it…..


Esaki is one of the retailers that made me very intrigued. Why, you ask?  Simply because they are a customizing retailer the offers styles at affordable prices. They have pieces already designed ranging from $30- $100 plus $9.95 per customize item. Everyone from sizes 0/XS to 36W/6X can enjoy the benefit of having a piece created just for them. Even the length can be customize to fit a petite, average,and tall body frame. The only thing is receiving you clothes can take a while because clothes are made as order. Shipping cost are not bad either but you can check that for your self here depending on where you are.

Tall retailers to watch Tall Retailers to watch

What About Us

The name of this retailer says it all. The question every tall woman has been asking since the dawn of fashion I presume. What About Us  is a new retailer in France. Their pieces are labeled as trendy,urban, and chic. This is my kind of style. I fell in love with the Red Dress below. Owner Nikki says “What About Us essence’ is kind of a dare to the industry to shake things up and to not forget that US tall women are also in need of fashion with adjusted clothes for our body type. My motto is “let’s democratize fashion!”.” With sizes ranging from 4-12(6-14) and prices from $115- $291 (Eur €99- €250). As always shipping is different depending on where you are, so you may want to check here. If this is your kind of party you definitely want to check them out.


So I have seen Boden on a few list of retailers for tall women in online fashion articles (you can check these links out on my Facebook page). One lovely lady commented that she has found some great tall pieces here. Although everything is not my style, there were a few pieces I can definitely get with.  This site has “Long” options for select styles in sizes 2-18 with hardly anything over $300. The dresses on this site are great for work and the new ones have something special of the holidays.  As for shipping information, click here to see more.

Tall Retailers Tall Retailers to watch

Simply Tall

As I was taking a break from writing this post I came across Simply Tall on IG. Curious as to why I haven’t seen them before I scoped out their website and to my surprise it was an actual retailer. Sometimes profile names can just be a person’s handle. The thing the had me excited is they sell PJ pants along side jeans with 37″ and 39″ inseams. Sizes range from 2-24 and pricing doesn’t go above $300. Shipping seems pretty fair too, which you can see here.




So that’s it for now. I know we are still in desperate need for more affordable retailers (under $100) but we still can appreciate the women who are trying to look out for us. Right? The way to think about it is we can be guaranteed quality clothes. Which aren’t cheap. And the owners are  women just like us who want to be stylish on the daily. Till next time….

Happy Shopping!


Akia Danielle

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