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    The $50 Boyfriend Jeans You’ll Want To Have

    When Talltique’s owner Helen announced they are selling a pair of Boyfriend jeans for $50, I was intrigued. The online retailer usually prices their quality jeans a little higher. I wanted  to get a chance to review them. So I asked a friend of mine to help…

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    The Skirt Over The Dress

    I wanted to share with you a trend I liked from last year.  During the fashion weeks women were layering skirts over dresses everywhere. So I paired a denim skirt over …

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    The Tall Jeans Guide- II

    Welcome to the second denim guide! If you missed the first one, click here to check it out. I am working on getting more jeans to review for length. It may take a while to round up some pairs, but I will be sure to…

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    Last Minute Valentine’s Day Outfit Solutions

    Hey Girl! Let’s say you got invited to a last minute get together with a guy or friend. Of course you don’t have time to buy something (unless you do) or you are drawing blanks on a Valentine’s Day look. I have some ideas that…

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    Get Your Spring Wardrobe Started with These 4 Things

    Hey! Happy Valentine’s Day! Hopefully your week is starting off well and you have some fun plans today. If not, there is nothing like some self-love. This post is going to be a short one being that you may have some things to do on this day…