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  • Old Navy Tank Tallgirls Jeans Tall Fashion

    My Dream White Jeans From TallGirls

     Spring and Summer wardrobes consist on having a pair of white jeans to build a couple of classic looks. I had been planning on getting a pair for a while. But…

  • Style

    Tall Embroidered Jeans

    Embroidery is popping up everywhere for the Spring. Jackets, shirts, skirts, and my favorite… jeans.  What I love about this trend is it’s pretty and simple to style. Depending on which…

  • Talltique Boyfriend Jeans Tall Fashion

    The $50 Boyfriend Jeans You’ll Want To Have

    When Talltique’s owner Helen announced they are selling a pair of Boyfriend jeans for $50, I was intrigued. The online retailer usually prices their quality jeans a little higher. I wanted  to get…

  • The West Life

    The Tall Jeans Guide- II

    Welcome to the second denim guide! If you missed the first one, click here to check it out. I am working on getting more jeans to review for length. It may…

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