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Welcome to The East on the West!

I ‘m Akia Danielle, an east coast girl living in Southern California! Moving to Cali at 18 as an aspiring model was a bold move for me , although I enjoyed exploring my new world. I met interesting people, worked numerous jobs, and enjoyed plenty of memorable experiences living on the west. Fast forwarding 14 years later, I am married to a handsome west coast native, the mother of 2 kids and a dog, and work part-time at a middle school. After attempting to work a few careers in the fashion industry, while trying to juggle my family lifestyle, I finally realized I needed another way to blend my 2 passions (Fashion and Family). That’s how The East on the West went from a thought in 2016 to what you see here today.

 I am taller (6ft to be exact) than your average girl or woman I should say. So I share my journey as I search for trendsetting pieces that compliment my height while on a budget, tall and tall-friendly retailers, and all things that help a grown woman transition into the beautiful butterfly she is meant to be. With my love for shopping and keeping up with the fashion scene, I hope to inspire by sharing how I style pieces on a taller body frame, where I find them, and helping you save a few coins while being effortlessly chic. As for my lifestyle, my goal is to just live in total bliss as a mom, wife, and a creative strong woman.

Through my personal  journey I hope to inspire others to stand tall and confident in style and life.

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