The Introduction

The Introduction of a Tall Blogger


I’m Akia . I live in Long Beach, California, but I am originally from the East coast. Growing up with a fashionista and working in the modeling/fashion industry, I developed this fascination with fashion. I love how it allows you to be expressive through style without saying a word. Even though it has always been a challenge to find stylish clothes for my 6ft body and shoes for my size 11 feet, I always find some way to create or recreate a look. I also love to keep up with the fashion scene and trying out new trends.  Since I am family woman (married with 2 kids) my pieces featured on this blog will usually cost me no more than $50. I’ll be sharing my finds and where you can find tall options.The best part is I will be finding and exploring tall/tall-friendly retailers for women, as well as shoes and accessories that compliment our height.

My goal is to help tall women find chic, affordable, and trendy pieces that fit our amazing height. 

Through my journey I hope to inspire others to stand tall and confident in style, no matter what life throws your way.

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